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Can we be serious for a moment here?

I was once listening to Peter Schiff‘s radio program, back when he had one, and he had on a gal from one of those foundations set up by some dead multi-millionaire to award academic scholarships to young people who want to go to college or university right out of high school. It seemed to me that she’d never listened to the program before, and wasn’t very familiar with Schiff or his antics. So he asks her all the standard questions, like “what are the criteria you use in a awarding the scholarship?” and “how can the young people in my audience apply for this scholarship?” and she’s happily answering them… and at some point she says something pretty standard, cliche even, along the lines that “absolutely getting a higher education is essential for success.” And Schiff’s reaction is something like “Well, hang on, that’s not… you don’t actually believe that, do you?” Continue reading Can we be serious for a moment here?

Here goes.

While I was in the process of recruiting writers for this magazine, the questions I was most consistently asked were “what is its theme?” or “what’s the vision?”

As you’ll see, the only real theme we have here at Comment is interesting, thought-provoking, or at least entertaining content. And the vision is simply good writers applying their talents to whatever most tickles their fancies. I’ve assembled what I consider to be a brilliantly gifted talent pool of contributors with a range of interests and backgrounds, whose work should begin appearing here within the next several weeks.

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for reading.