The case for coarse language.

I’ve let this site go a bit dormant, as I’ve been too busy campaigning for the Massachusetts State Senate to manage regular updates, but I’ll take a moment to comment on a recent occurrence that I think is of some interest as a reflection on our present society and where people like me fit into it.

The long and short is that I kicked over an SJW ant-hill in referring, in a tweet, to a certain politician as a faggot. I don’t really know anything about the politician; he was essentially a symbol, just a guy in some old C-SPAN footage providing a demonstration of the sort of hypocritical moral-preening that Donald Trump has become so popular for his refusal to humor. Given the age of the video, the man in it must be very old or even dead by now. But none of that matters, of course, because at issue here, as you might guess, isn’t that anyone felt I was being unfair to the poor guy. Rather, the outrage-addicts of the internet swung into action to decry my use of an un-sayable word.

The angle here is that the word “faggot” is offensive to decent sensibilities because it’s a derogatory slang term for homosexual. That it has an even older slang meaning of “old woman,” or that in modern parlance it’s more often used to mean “obnoxious person” (as was obviously the sense in which I meant it), were entirely immaterial. Neither etymology nor present day reality are relevant to the new lexicography of the neo-Puritan Social Justice Warriors.

The whole thing presents an interesting question: Can a word that makes one segment of the population uncomfortable but is in common usage by another segment be “culturally verified” as unspeakable if the segment that doesn’t like it demonstrates a loud enough consensus on the matter? From what I can tell, the attempt to police this word out of public utterance has been going on since at least 2011, though it’s probably been much longer. Notice Guy Fletcher’s rather meek defense of Dire Straits’ use of the word in the article I just linked:

“In it, Mark uses real everyday US street language to describe how a numbskull worker in a hardware department … feels about a video being shown.”

See? It isn’t bad that we say it because we’re just putting the word in the mouth of some uneducated prole. You might actually hear words like that in the street language of the dreadful commoners.

The problem for me is that I am an uneducated prole. And so are all my favorite people. Uneducated proles are the people I most want to represent.

So, I figured it was worth pushing back on this; after all, we already have one “F word,” so why do we need another? Besides, the first people to jump on the tweet (such as one of my opponents) knew full well that I was using the word to describe the bullying pol in the video, and not to make a comment about homosexuals.

Could there really be people who honestly interpreted what I said as a message of hate towards homosexuals? Part of me bristles at the thought; after all, anyone so culturally insulated that they didn’t already realize it could look up the word in urban dictionary to see that it most often carries a non-sexual meaning in its modern usage. However, if I’m honest with myself, I have to admit it’s plausible that some people did have that interpretation. On the one hand, there are obviously people who don’t really care about context and are just jumping on the opportunity to claim victimhood status because they perceive it as conferring material advantage or moral authority. And to those people I refuse to cede any ground. But, on the other hand, it worries me to think that there may be people who didn’t look into it for themselves, and genuinely interpreted that some political candidate somewhere was expressing hatred towards them because of their sexuality. Only because of that possibility, if I had it to do over I’d have chosen a different (more politic?) insult to hurl. And, I’ll go further: I don’t enjoy making random people feel bad (let alone hated), so if the word carries the implication of hatred for some people then I’ll stop using it in public settings. I have a good enough mental thesaurus to pull that off.

However, while I’m personally comfortable dropping one word from my public-speaking lexicon, I want to make the case that we’re hurting ourselves whenever we cede linguistic ground to the professionally aggrieved.

For one thing, pushing the bounds of acceptable language puts extra weapons in the political right’s arsenal. First because not everyone who feels the way that I do wants to write a long, word-mincing essay on why they feel that way. When Donald Trump uses the word “motherfuckers” in a speech, the immediate effect is to grab your attention. But he’s also saying to those people who feel fed up with the system but don’t have the time to think up clever ways of articulating arguments against it, that it’s OK to speak in their own voice. You don’t have to argue with sophists on their terms. You can shut them down just as easily by calling them motherfuckers.

Second, beyond just narrowing the ease with which we can articulate dissent from the status quo, the effort by the new Puritans to make heretofore usable words off-limits is an attempt to circumscribe the range of concepts we can even express. I’m fine with not saying “faggot”, because I’m willing to believe that there are some who genuinely find the term hateful and hurtful. But I’m not blind to the fact that for a contingent of the SJW word-police, the goal is to ban any words that reflect the existence of a culture which views homosexuality unfavorably. Because they’d rather that that culture, my culture, simply didn’t exist.

So I see positive ramifications of refusing to cede ground on our language. But what about the negative implications for our society if we do surrender territory?

Ask yourself: What’s driving my own linguistic mini-scandal? Of course, there’s the obvious short term advantage my opponent intends to gain. But in a broader sense, I feel like I’ve stumbled onto a cultural rift that’s been forming probably for decades. I don’t know whether, when William F. Buckley famously interrupted Gore Vidal in a televised debate with a sentence beginning “now listen, you queer”, there was a subsequent furor over whether that comment was a coded message about homosexuals in general, but I think that most viewers understood that, given the context, it was meant simply as a personal insult to Vidal. Buckley, it’s worth noting, was thought of in his time as one of the more moderate and respectable voices on the right. How do you suppose the snarky, self-righteous, liberal arts set that writes for BuzzFeed would react if those words were used in a debate today?

Clearly there’s a cultural force moving us (or at least a great contingent of us) towards ever-greater sensitivity to coarse language.

I think this is largely on the basis of group identity politics. As I alluded to before, there’s a stratus of society in which victimhood confers real rewards, where one may, for example, forgo the need for any real merit as a requirement for career advancement if they can demonstrate membership in a perceived victim group to whom some reparation is owed. The original beneficiaries of this were of course racial minorities, especially Blacks, benefiting from so-called “affirmative action.” While the argument for some correction of disparities in the case of American Blacks was at least predicated on something real –decades of widespread racial discrimination–, the promotion-via-victimhood precedent that affirmative action set has led to more and more tenuous claims of victim status. Are, for example, American Asians the victims of a racist Western culture? It’s obvious that they aren’t; they outperform their non-Asian neighbors in nearly every way. But don’t tell social parasite Suey Park that. Victimhood is essential to her personal narrative. Indeed, she’s desperate to demonstrate it.

Of course, the political Left promotes this sort of thing, because they’ve honed group victimhood into a very successful electoral strategy, uniting behind their political banner those disparate “oppressed groups” that they can claim have been victimized as a whole at the hands of an “oppressor group” (which is almost always successful White men.) As if to purposefully demonstrate the link between this word-policing and the conferring of cultural power to their vassal groups, for every old word the cultural Right is no longer allowed to use, they coin a shiny new buzzword to line the quivers of the cultural Left. Like “homophobic”, or “micro-aggression.”

Of course, this is terrible for National cohesion, but I see the logic implicit in conferring status on the basis of grievance as taking us in the direction of something maybe even more dangerous than social balkanization:

While positing “homophobia” as a moral equivalent of racism is poor reasoning,  setting “islamophobia” next to them is physically-dangerous folly. One could at least make the argument that, while it’s true that the racist disdains some his fellow men because of innate qualities they have no control over whereas the “homophobe” disdains some of his fellow men because of their behavior, a parallel between the two can be drawn on the basis that a homosexual doesn’t really have control over who he’s physically attracted to, and besides that, what makes a homosexual distinct from any other person is something he does in the privacy of his bedroom, so why bother him about it?

Islam, on the other hand, unlike sexual preference and certainly unlike race, is something requiring agency. It’s a religion, whose tenets you have to actively choose to adapt in order to be an adherent. The idea that making a value judgment about Islam or the downsides of Moslem immigration is akin to criticizing blacks on the basis of their skin color, because, after all, both things are offensive to large groups of people, is a form of insanity. But that’s the trajectory we’ve found ourselves on.

Moslems have spent the past decade and a half killing U.S. citizens on U.S. soil, but though we’ve previously mass-detained or even expelled guest populations for less, when Donald Trump first suggested simply not taking in any more Moslem immigrants as a solution, he was attacked both by the committed Left and by a contingent of the ostensible Right as –here it comes– an “islamophobe.” As Tarek Fatah points out, the Left’s efforts to adopt Moslems as a coequal in their coalition of the oppressed has led to bizarrely distorted misrepresentation of the threat they pose. Even if I didn’t oppose the Left’s tone-policing political speech because I viewed it as bad for social cohesion, I’d oppose it because it’s self-evidently enfeebling our national ability to respond to existential threats. I doubt it will even take long for someone to label me an “Islamophobe” just for writing this.

Reactions to my first little tempest in a teapot (keep watching and I bet you there’ll be more) have been mixed. The twitterverse has reacted largely negatively, which may be an indication that my own society has left me behind and my cultural attitudes have become hopelessly anachronistic, or it may just be a product of my not having many “followers” on that platform. [Update: since this has become a news story, reaction has shifted greatly, with the tweet currently sitting at 194 likes.] In the real world, I’ve gotten support from folks saying, essentially, “thanks for not letting these people bully you into submission.” Those, and any people who feel like them, are who I’m running for office to give a voice to. Finally, some people have just been curious, with several e-mailing/calling to ask: “How do you feel about the LGBT community?”

The answer to that depends on what’s meant by the “LGBT community.” If we’re talking about private citizens, I don’t really “feel” towards them in any way. I don’t reckon that it’s my business to. In a meritocratic world, people will rise or fall on a more substantial basis than what they do in their bedrooms. However, if by “LGBT community” we mean an organized political advocacy group, then I’ll declare myself an opponent. That “LGBT community” has been a sociallydestructive disaster.

There’s one other aspect of this I want to address: I got a call from another Republican, someone who’s been involved in party politics for a long while, essentially saying “what are you doing to our brand, you idiot?” Here’s the thing: I’m not a politician. I’m just someone running for office because I’m utterly dissatisfied with my choices. My livelihood doesn’t depend on this, and while I’m happy to apologize to anyone I’ve unintentionally insulted (there are some people for whom insult is my intent) by my sometimes coarse language, I’m not going to contort my personality into something blandly unobtrusive just to win an election. I’d rather win or lose on who I really am. In retrospect, I could have expressed the same sentiment while exercising better word-choice. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to start self-flagellating because my being one of those uncouth hoi polloi who uses politically incorrect language is tarnishing the state GOP by association. I don’t feel like I owe the state GOP anything. If it weren’t for the fact that for my entire lifetime the Massachusetts Republican Party has been in the business of politely losing to Democrats while barely even paying lip-service to the things that I care about in the process, I probably wouldn’t feel the need to be running for office in the first place.

Finally: I’ve let this little webzine go to seed because I’ve been too busy campaigning to write for it or edit submissions. I set it up as a place that I and a few friends could use as an outlet for any writing we felt like doing, and I’m still happy to put it to that purpose. If anybody reading this would like to submit something, be it political or whatever else, feel free to e-mail it to me at . Additionally, out of my sense of fair play, I’d be happy to post responses from either of my opponents. So here’s an open invitation to both of them, and particularly to Jamie Eldridge, to engage me on substance, though I’m sure he’d rather continue to demagogue.



  • David in Palm Springs

    So basically you’re pissed off because you aren’t allowed to use a clearly anti-gay epithet anymore; and we’re all suppose to mourn for the privileged white straight man that will have to come up with new ways to express his pent up rage that his skin color and sexual orientation aren’t that important anymore.

  • Cesar Morataya

    All that word diarrhea just so you can feel good about using gay epithets… you wanna be an anti-gay homophobic hatemongering bigot? Go ahead. Say whatever you want to say. This is a free country. Freedom of speech bitch. Use profanity and slurs and innuendo and whatever else you wanna use in your tweets and rallies and grindr posts. Just don’t act all disappointed in the human race when people start calling you an asshole.

  • Shelly Griska

    As a queer woman, I would encourage you to be just as thoroughly obnoxious and bigoted as you want to be using the most offensive language you can come up with — makes it easier for voters to see the kind of person they’re voting for, just like those old newsreels of white southerners peppering their apoplectic rants with the n-word following desegregation showed them up for the types of people they were.

    You are absolutely correct I wish your homophobic “culture” didn’t exist, but we don’t have to do anything to bring that about but to give you enough rope…

  • wacourson

    “The angle here is that the word ‘faggot’ is offensive to decent sensibilities because it’s a derogatory slang term for homosexual. That it has an even older slang meaning of ‘old woman’, or that in modern parlance it’s more often used to mean ‘obnoxious person’ (as was obviously the sense in which I meant it), were entirely immaterial.”

    Thus sir, by the last of your own definitions – you’re a faggot. Because you certainly are obnoxious – a veritable stench in the nostrils of God.

    Now, be a nice little tea partier: run along and eat sh!t and die.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Shut up you old fag.

      • ultralight meme

        Ted, please stop making new accounts.

  • ten17eighty1

    “Can a word that makes one segment of the population uncomfortable but is in common usage by another segment be “culturally verified” as unspeakable if the segment that doesn’t like it demonstrates a loud enough consensus on the matter?” I don’t know, why don’t you try it out with n!gger, or sp!c, or k!ke next time and see if you can’t figure out the answer to your own stupid question.

    • Tony Stark

      Actually, just as with “faggot”, there are subcultures in which “nigger” is a commonly used word. Maybe try to broaden your perspective a bit.

  • Rob T

    So a politician who uses language like “faggots” is accusing his OPPONENT of demagoguing? That’s hilarious. Really, this whole essay is just one long exercise in mental masturbation.

  • CoreyLynxx

    As a gay man myself I am not offended by the word faggot even though I have heard it a lot as I grew up in the South and came out of the closet at a very young age. Even before coming out at 14 I was a feminine boy and as a result attracted a lot of negative attention. That being said if I allow myself to be offended then that means whomever is calling me that word wins so I have disciplined myself to overlook it. I will have to respectfully disagree with your rush to label people SJWs because I believe social justice is very much needed for marginalized groups. That is after all why slavery is no longer legal, women can now vote and LGBT people can now serve openly in the military as well as get married to a same-sex partner. One must possess the intellectual capacity and moral compass necessary to understand true social justice and the necessity therein. I will admit though that some people are too sensitive and some of those folks exist in my community (LGBT). I also sent you a tweet earlier today letting you know that a faggot is a bundle of kindling and what they call a meatball in certain parts of the UK. Just trying to be informative. Research has found evidence that sexual orientation may be determined by complex biological factors so I would caution against using a word that is often used in a derogatory way against gay people but at the end of the day it is not my place to police your usage of any word. -CL

  • Dean Cameron

    Always amusing when someone who worked as an Arabic Translator describes himself as “Uneducated”.

    • Harvey

      He wasn’t a translator, he was a linguist. I worked with him, same AFSC, same squadron. Not that that reduces your point in any way, still quite valid, but the language requirements to actually be a military linguist are far from the fluency needed to be an actual translator.

  • Harvey

    Hey Buseik, remember your time as a Cougar? I certainly do. I remember you being a lying tool, among other things. Good to see you’ve kept up with the lying, but I do wonder how the many gay and lesbian airmen you served with and under would feel now.

  • uhhuhh

    Bigot. You don’t get to instruct gay men to shut up and get over an intensely offensive anti-gay slur because you like to use it.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Get AIDS faggot.

      • ultralight meme

        Ted, I’m just going to tell you now: this isn’t working. I’m sorry.

      • Weird Poster-Type Thing

        Mr. Busiek, that’s an awful thing to say.

  • r0ckmypants

    You’ve been too busy campaigning? You have less than 100 followers on Twitter!

  • ahermit

    When you call people “faggot” or “nigger’ or “kike” or spic” or chink” you are not being clever or edgy, you’re just telling everyone in listening range that you are an ignorant bigot.

    No one is saying you can’t use that kind of language if you want, just don’t be surprised or cry like the spoiled little toddler you are when other people exercise their free speech to point out your bigotry.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Shut up faggot.

      • ultralight meme

        Ted, have you ever considered expanding your vocabulary? Because you love using this word so much that I’m starting to wonder if it’s the only one you know.

        You know you can browse dictionaries online for free now, right? They contain many words other than your favorite.

      • ahermit

        Boy you sure told me didn’t you? Such devastating wit, such profound logic. I’ll have to completely reconsider my opinion in light of this novel intellectual argument…

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  • Sam_Handwich

    Your “case” appears to be quite flimsy, in light of the fact that you have nervously deleted your tweet. Don’t worry, the internet is forever

  • Mean Girl++

    Hey Ted Busiek – thanks for revealing just how much of a scumbag you are! That is a real public service to the voters.

  • JCF

    Delete your account.

  • Bill Ellis

    God hates “obnoxious people”
    “Old Women” die, God laughs
    yup, you nailed it Ted

  • greenmanTN

    Oh, and “unintentional” my ass! Your “apology” is straight out of the Republican play book. It’s always “I’m sorry you got offended,” and never “I was wrong and shouldn’t have said it in the first place.”

    It’s really not that hard. “I was dick, and I was wrong.”

  • greenmanTN

    Oh, and “I apologized, so now I am obsolved” doesn’t cut a whole lot of ice either, especially when the apology wasn’t sincere but because you got your ass spanked by the head of the Republican Party in your state.

    “I am dedicated to taking away your rights, but OOPSIE! I called you faggots and that looked bad even to the Republican leaders and general electorate in my state, so I’m REAL sorry about that! I promise not to be that obvious about my animus toward gay people again, and only use dog whistles in the future’ as approved by the RNC.”

    • Weird Poster-Type Thing

      He didn’t even really apologize. To anyone.

  • ByronK

    “Eldridge said Busiek’s remarks were part of a pattern, pointing to a tweet the candidate issued June 1 on the news that Gov. Charlie Baker said he would sign a version of legislation granting new anti-discrimination rights and access to transgender people.

    “Don’t do it,” Busiek urged the governor on Twitter. “These perverts aren’t who got you elected, and pandering won’t make them your friends.”

    So, Ted, what did you mean when you used the word ‘pervert’. Did you mean ‘silly’? ‘Lazy’? ‘Irreverent’? Just checking because you seem to have a very flexible use of definitions for words.

  • YeahNo

    “I’m not a politician. I’m someone running for office.”

    Pretty sure that’s the very definition of “politician”.

    You’re not a smart fellow, are you….
    You poor thing.

  • greenmanTN

    And this isn’t a “grudge,” which takes time to form. This is being pissed off right now in its first full bloom, not some “Hatfields and McCoys” bullshit over decades. But poor pity you, so unreasonably victimized because you called people “faggots” and they actually stood up and told you to go fuck yourself. You’re mad because you got called on your shit and we didn’t just lay down and take it, you shitweasel!

    How’s that for “coarse” language?

  • Sam_Handwich

    Multiple requests for this faggot’s upcoming campaign event schedule have gone unanswered for 3 hours now.

    Maybe, like Nazi Trump, he’s just a mouthy loser who knows he has no chance.

  • edrex

    we know what you are.

  • Traxley Launderette

    You wrote a lot of words there, Ted. Lots of words.

    None of them convince me that you’re not a raging shitfucker.

    Go to hell, you filthy cunt.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Of course not, you’re clearly a degenerate fag.

      • ultralight meme

        Mr. Busiek, by my rough calculations, each of these comments took you about 5 minutes to write. Why? Do you find hunt-and-pecking during your prepubescent giggling fits difficult?

  • Claude Jacques Bonhomme

    The angle here is that the word “asshole” is offensive to decent sensibilities because it’s a derogatory slang term for Republican.

    … even in Massachusetts.

  • David Walker

    You feel you don’t offend anyone by writing “faggot,” yet you steer clear from using “nigger.” Since your essay is so eloquent, perhaps you could explain the difference…why your word choice. “Faggot” wouldn’t offend anyone important but “nigger” would? “Faggot” has so many variant definitions that you had to look up before you quoted them but “nigger” is kind of specific? You elucidation is anticipated, dick head.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Barack Obama is a faggot nigger.

      • ultralight meme

        Now this is poetry, Mr Busiek. Undeniably genius — definitely your best post in this thread.

  • billbear1961
  • Christopher Smith

    Here in DRUMPFworld, this lying and Kochsucking fuckweasel is what passes for a candidate for public office.
    Don’t you know it absolutely frosts him that he can’t say the N WORD in public too?

    • edrex

      if he aimed to be intellectualy honest, he would.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Nigger faggot.

      • ultralight meme

        Ah, I see you’ve at least discovered the n-slur now, Mr. Busiek. Your vocabulary has doubled!

      • Christopher Smith

        Blocked and reported, you cretinous bigot. By the way, that’s MISTER faggot to scum like you :)

  • MB

    “Moslems” – – – really ?????????????? At least Tarek Fatah can spell properly.

    A Muslim in Arabic means “one who gives himself to God,” and is by definition, someone who adheres to Islam. By contrast, a Moslem in Arabic means “one who is evil and unjust” when the word is pronounced, as it is in English, Mozlem with a z.

    • Sam_Handwich

      the only commenter i ever saw repeatedly use that spelling was an Ayn Rand crackpot

      • edrex

        good god! you just know he reads ayn rand and congratulates himself for being such a “conservative intellectual.”

    • ByronK

      LOL, but I’m sure he likes the Juws.

      • Sam_Handwich


        • ByronK

          The chuzzen people.

          • JCF

            “Red Star of David, over a Pile of Money”

  • Weird Poster-Type Thing

    I’m sure you have plenty of gay friends who would just adore being called “faggot” to their faces, right?

    • ByronK

      I also wonder what the Black and Asian men who are listed as contributors on this site think of their editor now.

    • Harvey

      I worked with this dumbshit. I wonder how many of his gay and lesbian coworkers in the military would appreciate it. I wonder how his chain of command, which at one point included a lesbian MSgt, would have handled the situation.

      This guy’s a true-blue moron anyway. I once saw him walk out of mission because “he had to go to the bathroom” and just fucking leaving for a few hours. When he came back he said he had to put his milk in the fridge. He was a fucking turd when he was in and he’s still a fucking turd now.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      What a faggy thing to say.

      • ultralight meme

        Ted, please. This make-new-accounts-and-post-middle-school-shit thing is getting out of hand.

      • Weird Poster-Type Thing

        That doesn’t answer my question, Mr. Busiek.

  • Jeeler

    This pitiful screed is the product of one who attends junior-high remedial English courses and the KKK “Jizz With Yer Brother-Daddy” camp workshops simultaneously. What a pitifully sophomoric attempt to explain away the demonstrably-obvious fact that you’re a fucking racist, sexist, homophobic, fascist-Muricun asshole.

  • MB

    Your mother SHOULD have swallowed.

    • edrex

      but now he’ll have to do it for her.

  • ByronK

    Having just struggled to the end of this dishonest, pointless, sorry, and masturbatory attempt to paint yourself as a victim, I’m incredulous to understand on what planet you think that you are suitable to hold public office. In fact, you just made the case against you even stronger. In this day and age, if you are going to actually attempt to rationalize the use of a word that has shamed countless other public figures and made athletes face fines and suspensions, and then attempt to carry it as a badge of honor like you’re some beacon of light in a sea of evil, opposing forces, then I’m not sure you have even a sliver of understanding of the consequences that you will probably, and hopefully face. I’ve seen piles of cat vomit that deserve election more than you. It doesn’t take a SJW to recognize an SOB that is SOL. It just takes a reasonable person with average intelligence that objects to bigotry, immaturity, racism and stupidity in someone running for public office in a leadership role. A role that involves (and let me explain this carefully to you because if there is a GOD you won’t find out first-hand) representing all of the citizens and respecting the human rights, civil rights, dignity and inherent worth of every individual. Now please, go fuck a bag of broken glass as Selina Meyer would say.

    • Jeeler

      ^ For the win.

    • edrex

      a fine reply, but you could have stopped at “masturbatory.” seems to sum up his campaign (and just a stab in the dark — but his love life as well).

  • billbear1961

    Seeking to endear yourself to the same bigoted FILTH as your Drumpfenführer MASTER, you ignorant Republican POS?!

    What NEXT, a Star of David in some MORE hateful propaganda??

    You’re a DISGRACE, you thuggish little NAZI!!

    Your party is making it VERY clear EXACTLY where it stands: some people–people like you–deserve constitutional rights and protections, the rest of us apparently DON’T, not if irrational, two-faced BIGOTS like you HATE us enough. With your blatant HATE speech, you seek to appeal to the very worst SCUM of the country, people, like you, who do NOT believe in equality under the law for ALL! In other words, FASCISTS!!

    Nothing justifies or legitimizes FASCISM, in ANY circumstances, for ANY “reasons”; and you and your fellow GANGSTERS will NOT deprive MILLIONS of their RIGHT to the EQUAL protection of the laws, now or EVER.

    An election victory in a genuine democracy does NOT mean the victors may strip others of rights that THEY have always taken for GRANTED!!

    The founding fathers gave us the RIGHT to defend ourselves from attacks on our rights, on ourselves and on our families (defending one’s rights is NOT self-righteousness–it is SELF-RESPECT), and defend ourselves we WILL, from a hateful, ignorant MOB of FRAUDS, who think THEY have a SPECIAL right to deprive OTHERS of what THEY take for GRANTED!!

  • TuuxKabin

    Ted, your use of hateful homophobic slurs, & homophobia, are unacceptable. You should consider dropping out of race.

  • Bluto

    BULL FUCKING SHIT ted, you bigoted cum guzzling cock goblin.

  • stuckinthewoods

    Mr. Busiek does not identify the person referred to as a “faggot”, presumably “very old, or even dead by now”. If not Busiek’s opponent, who then?

  • (((Aron)))

    And unlike you, I’m not even gay.

    • edrex

      ah. but are you self righteous?

      • (((Aron)))


        • edrex

          well… get up to speed. mr. busiek could use a few more self righteous folks at his events.

  • (((Aron)))

    Sorry, you just called Jamie Eldridge a demagogue? When most of your followers are basement Nazis like yourself?

    Teddy, I can’t wait to attend your next campaign event and have you call me a ‘faggot’ to my face, you Nazi poof simpleton.

    • Sam_Handwich

      So far, Ted refuses to respond to requests for his campaign event schedule. I’ve email, contacted him via Twitter and the contact form at his campaign website.

      His voicemail is full (shocking!) otherwise i would have requested info there, too.

      • TuuxKabin

        We have ways of finding out.

        • TrollopeReader

          do let us know!! 😉

          • TuuxKabin

            Vill do, dollingk, vill do.

      • (((Aron)))

        I live fairly close to Littleton. And while I hate taking Internet issues into real life, this is simply far too important to ignore.

        • Sam_Handwich

          good for you, buddy!!!!!! i’m in mass, a couple of hours away, but i can travel !

        • MB

          Thanx Aron. This fuckweasel needs a real come-to-jeesuz moment, or two.

  • TuuxKabin

    You’re hateful and stupid. The maturity of . . . well, I was going to say ‘of donald drumpf’, but he’s such a hero of yours it’d be a compliment. Anyway, you bigot, Central Mass. is not too far to make it to any event you may be planning, so do keep us informed where to attend. You done messed with the wrong bunch of faggots. Bigot.

  • MB

    “…while I’m happy to apologize to anyone I’ve unintentionally insulted by my sometimes coarse language.”

    Start apologizing, asshole. You have insulted hundreds of millions.

    • TrollopeReader

      when one uses “if I offended….” or “i’ve unintentionally insulted” and the like … it’s not an apology.
      Right, Teddie!

  • MB
  • stuckinthewoods

    Congratulations Mr. Busiek. You must be the only Senate candidate with no Wikipedia page. Wikipedia search asks, Did you mean: ted buried?
    In retrospect this will be such an embarrassing time in your life. My sympathies to your family.

  • James

    Putting the question of the merit of your argument aside–it doesn’t have any–let’s pretend that the only problem with your use of that slur is that it upset some people. The question is, why would any reasonable, well-adjusted adult want to upset anybody? Beyond that, even if anyone believed your protestations about the “old woman” meaning, which has never been widely known in America and certainly isn’t today, or that the word is most frequently used to mean “obnoxious person” (it is not), why choose such an imprecise term? While “coarse language,” as you put it, is appropriate and useful in some contexts, politics is not among them. Anyone seeking public office who uses that particular slur against a political opponent, and only a few days after the mass murder of 49 people in a gay bar, is grossly irresponsible and demostrates a profound lack of social and political intelligence, not to mention a shocking lack of consideration for the victims and their loved ones. You are a bigot, and not a very clever one.

    • Weird Poster-Type Thing

      “why would any reasonable, well-adjusted adult want to upset anybody?”

      Attentionwhoring, of course.

  • MB

    YOU are a frightened, immature, racist bigot. See I didn’t have to use any derogatory slang.

    Oh, nevermind….you’re a childish, xenophobic, ignorant FUCKWEASEL

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot2015

    Oh, bless your heart. You really are that stupid.

  • Bad Tom

    Shame on you.

  • greenmanTN

    You aren’t a 13 year old boy calling something “gay” when they mean “lame.” You are presumably an adult man, though your level of maturity has been called into question by that Tweet, AND you are running for an elected public office, not class clown of your Jr High. But by all means educate us, when was the word “faggot” NOT a deliberate, gratuitous slur against gay people, with ANY other meaning than hate speech meant to denigrate a group of people? You absolutely have the right to Free Speech, but no one ever said anyone was free from the CONSEQUENCES of that speech. The 1st Amendment is not a “get off Scot-free for being an asshole” card.

  • Oscarlating Wildely

    Oh honey, it’s so clear: you just need to come out! This pain will do you no good. It’s okay: anger is the first step.

  • oikos

    Most men who are secure in their sexuality don’t worry about what gay people are doing in their private lives. Is there something you want to tell us, Ted?

    • Oscarlating Wildely

      You just wrote “men” and “secure in their sexuality” in reference to our dear Teddy: Oxymoronic combinations can work but I’m not seeing it here.

  • kanehau

    Here… let me use another term you may be familiar with… BIGOT!

    You are yet another shit stain on the ass of the planet.

  • Sam_Handwich

    What is the time, date and location of your next campaign event? I’d like you to call me a “faggot” to my face. And my faggot friends are interested in attending, too.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      Ok faggot.

      • ultralight meme

        Once again, Ted, you’ve knocked it out of the park with a genius retort. A truly excellent comeback for a truly excellent man.

      • Christopher Smith

        Reported, cretinous bigot.